Why VW is paying for an anime, not a movie, with a VW watch

VW has agreed to pay for a live-action anime adaptation of its diesel watch brand, which was first introduced in 1978, The Washington Post reported.

The anime adaptation will be called the “VW” franchise and will be produced by Lionsgate Studios.

The VW Watch anime, to be released in 2019, will be a live action television series about VW’s first diesel watch.

Lionsgate has been developing the project with Lionsgate Animation, the studio behind the upcoming live-Action Batman franchise, the Post reported, citing unnamed sources.

Lionsgaga is expected to release the live- action series on VOD on April 15, 2019.

VW is one of the biggest brands in the world with its VW Beetle, VW Passat, VW Golf, VW Tiguan and VW Polo.

VW watches are the most popular automotive brands worldwide and VW has a long history in entertainment.

It launched the VW brand in 1972 with the VW-branded Volkswagen Beetle, which debuted as the first VW vehicle to offer diesel fuel in a gasoline engine.

The company sold more than 2 million of the VW Beetle vehicles worldwide during the period and it sold more vehicles than any other automaker.

The Beetle has since become a household name for the world over.

The world’s most-popular luxury car brands, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Daimler, are also based in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.