Which watch is the best for casual, budget-conscious consumers?

We’ve all got a wrist and an appetite for the latest trends, but do you have a need for the best watch for your daily commute, social time or just to keep on top of the latest fashion trends?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

In our watch ranking of the best pocket watches in 2018, we found the Stuhrlings and Gucci watches to be the best at meeting that need.

We also took into consideration the size of your wrist and the kind of function you might want your watch to perform.

But, if you’re not sure which watch is right for you, our guide to the best watches for the budget is here to help you make that decision.

We’ve gathered the most important features and functions of the most popular pocket watches, as well as some of the major companies behind them.

It’s also a good place to get the best price on these watches, which will give you a solid starting point.

Check it out for the most relevant price on each watch.

Read MoreStuhrlingsStuhring watches have become one of the industry’s most popular brands thanks to the sleek designs and minimalist looks.

They’re a bit on the large side at just 2.1mm thick and 1.3mm wide, but that’s only a little larger than most other pocket watches we’ve tested.

They have a stainless steel bracelet, and the Stühring is available in various materials, including black, rose gold, gold and platinum.

The Stuhring is not the only pocket watch on the market, either.

The new Vivid is a stainless-steel pocket watch with a gold case, and it’s available in several different finishes.

In addition to the standard brushed finish, you can also choose a rose gold or platinum-colored finish.

The watch is also available in stainless steel and stainless steel plus black, and is priced at $1,499.

The Vivid also has a new black dial, which has a more classic look.

The stainless steel strap is a bit more comfortable than the brushed strap on the Vivid, but still isn’t quite as soft as other straps in the Stuhers.

For those who want something more practical, the Stukrls are another pocket watch that’s also available with black dials.

They come in a variety of colors and have a black bracelet with a black dial.

The Vivid’s watch face features a stainless stainless steel case with a polished bezel.

There’s also an option to go with a stainless strap for an additional $350.

The strap is available as a brushed black or brushed platinum finish, and comes in a silver, platinum and rose gold color options.

The Stukrs are available in black, silver and rose black options.

While there are plenty of pocket watches available for the less budget conscious, the top pocket watch in 2018 is the Vivi, from TAG Heuer.

This pocket watch has a stainless Steel case with an automatic winding mechanism, and a brushed stainless steel band.

The face is also a brushed titanium look, and there are two different versions of the strap available: one with a brushed gold finish and one with an anti-reflective stainless steel finish.

The watch comes in two different finishes, and all three of the straps are available with a silver or rose gold finish.

For the price of $1.499, the Vivo comes in silver and black, with rose gold and black options also available.

It also has the best pricing on the Stuehring and Guccis in 2018 at $2,199.

The Gucci is a slightly smaller pocket watch from Gucci.

It comes in stainless Steel, rose black and rose platinum.

The main difference between the two is the case: the stainless steel version is a more compact watch, while the rose black version has a higher-quality case.

The price of the Gucci in 2018 comes in platinum, rose and rose white options.

The STUHring and Stuhlings are both affordable pocket watches for everyday wear, and both of them have a very good price.

The STUhring starts at $899, while Stuhling starts at just $1-1,199, and Guiches starts at around $2-2,299.