Which Samsung Watch is the Best Buy for Women’s Wearables?

WatchXfinity is the most popular watch app in the United States, according to data from the app’s creator, WatchXtreme. 

The company’s latest offering, WatchXM, also has the top spot for women’s watches, with the Samsung Watch Series 2 topping the charts in terms of popularity. 

Apple Watch and Pebble were also among the top-rated watch apps for women, but WatchXM topped the charts for women for the first time. 

Both Apple Watch and the Pebble were included in the top 20 most popular women’s fitness apps, according the data. 

While Apple Watch is on top, women also enjoyed an impressive surge in the women’s smartwatch category. 

Overall, WatchFM, WatchTunes, WatchGestures, WatchSport and WatchMovies all rose in popularity, with WatchXM in second place and WatchXM above Pebble. 

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