When will I get my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch prices will rise on December 3 after retailers were hit with a massive drop in demand.

Apple has warned consumers that the watch will not go on sale until January 13, when the price of the Apple Watch Sport starts at £899.

Apple is also adding that the Apple watch will be available from December 5 to December 11, as well as from December 13 to January 6.

It is not the first time Apple has been hit by a massive holiday slump.

The company has also been hit with another major price drop over the weekend, with prices dropping by up to 25% on the Apple Pay app in Australia.

Apple’s biggest rival Google has also seen its smartphone sales decline by nearly 20% on Saturday as people switched off their smartphones to focus on the iPhone.

Sales of Android smartphones are down about 25% in the past 12 months.

Google has been working to fix the problem, but has said it is still struggling to deliver the phones it promised to deliver when it launched Android.