What you need to know about Samsung’s new Active Watch

Samsung Watch Active is a military watch that uses sensors and cameras to scan the environment and provide real-time notifications about military personnel.

This is very different to other smartwatches, which use sensors and other devices that are only visible for a short time.

Instead, the Active Watch is looking at your activity, location, mood, health and activity level to give you real-world notifications.

There are four different modes: watch mode, workout mode, communication mode and sleep mode.

The watch will not only keep you connected to the Internet, but also your watch will display information about your health, fitness and activity levels.

In a way, the watch looks like a smartphone.

Samsung has also designed a watchface that you can use on the watch.

There’s a notification center at the bottom of the watch that shows notifications, reminders, reminders that you want to do or skip, and other information about the watch, such as your heart rate and activity.

There is also an audio notification function that will play music that you have downloaded from the Internet.

The active watch can be connected to a mobile phone, but not to a computer.

When you are wearing the watch it will be automatically connected to your phone and you can see notifications from the watch on your phone.

When the watch is not connected to you, it will show a message on the bottom and will stay connected.

The Active Watch has an ambient display that is dark when it’s not in use.

There will also be a light indicator at the top of the Active watch to show when you are watching videos.

The screen is large and has an LED backlight.

There isn’t a wireless charging port or NFC.

There also isn’t any battery life indicator on the Active watches.

When it comes to battery life, the active watch will charge you in about an hour.

The device also supports charging via USB.

The wearable is powered by an embedded battery.

It will automatically start charging if it detects a charge and will automatically stop charging if the device detects a short-circuit.

Samsung says the ActiveWatch is ideal for people who are working with military personnel, including active duty personnel, who need to be constantly connected to their watch, and for people working at home who need the extra protection and privacy of their smartwatch.

The smartwatch has been designed to be more user-friendly, with an easy-to-use interface and touch-sensitive sensors.

The Samsung Watch is currently available for preorder at select retailers and online.