What to know about the Apple Watch’s new Freestyle Watch app

Apple Watch freestyle watches are finally here.

The company’s newest version of its Freestyle watch app, released today, brings a host of new features to the table.

The app has been updated to support the AppleWatch Freestyle wristbands, giving you the ability to customize your watch’s look and feel to suit your style and fitness goals.

There’s also a new section for watches that feature watch faces, a new “Watchface” section, and an app-wide “Friends” section.

The watch face section is now available for iPhone and iPad users.

There are also a couple of new watch faces that have been added to the app.

The new Freestovers have a much darker theme, with a few new colors.

The watch face “Sketch” is a darker version of the current Freestyle, and “Heartbeat” is the same watch face that was in the Freestyle app.

A new section has been added for “Friends.”

You can now filter friends by gender, height, weight, activity level, location, and more.

This section also now has an “Auto” section that will display an image and then quickly select you from the list of available friends.

The new Friends section is currently available only for iPhone users.

Other users will need to manually add their friends via the app, which is currently in beta testing.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can do so by going to “My Apple Watch” on the iPhone App Store.

The app should automatically download to your device.