What to expect from the upcoming Walmart watches

Walmart has announced that it will be adding its own “smart watches” to its store shelves in the US.

The US department store giant will start selling a pair of watches made by Shinola that will start shipping to its customers this year.

The watches will include the “Shinola Watch” and “Mazda Watch” which are identical in functionality to the smart watches that will soon be offered at Walmart.

These watches will cost $199.99 USD each and will feature an OLED display and wireless charging.

Walmart is one of the few retailers in the world that sells a wide range of smart watches and other accessories.

They are made by the same company that makes watches for men and women.

According to the company, the smart watch will be available for purchase from Walmart stores beginning on October 1.

The company has not revealed any pricing or availability details for the watches yet.

Shinola has also announced a new partnership with the US military, allowing it to ship watches to troops who are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The military is looking for ways to make their smart watches more accessible to soldiers, who are often deployed in remote areas.

According the Shinola website, the new partnership will allow troops to get their watches within days of receiving them.