WATCH: Titan watches have a killer ‘eye’ for people’s faces

WATCH: Watch Titan watches.

They’ve got the eye of a cat.

The watch-maker is launching a series of new watches which are designed to make it easier for people to spot their friends on social media.

“We have an app for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more that allows you to see your friends faces,” Titan chief executive officer, David Deacon said.

“There are other apps, and they’re not always as easy to use as we would like.”

The Titan Watch was developed as a tool to help users better spot their fellow Titan users.

“It’s like a new way to get a feel for a person,” Mr Deacon added.

The watches are a bit more sophisticated than your average wearable, but it still looks like a cat’s paw.

Each watch has a 3D camera and a “social light” sensor which, when triggered, reveals the facial features of the person you’re talking to.

“If you have a friend on Facebook, the light is on for your friend,” Mr deacon said, adding that the sensor also detects other people’s facial features.

“They’re not necessarily your friend, they’re probably your best friend, but they’re still there.

You might recognise them if they’re nearby.”

Titan has developed a series a new type of watch called a “chat watch”.

The device can detect faces from up to 100 metres away, and can show you the face’s emotions.

Mr deacons team at Titan are currently developing the technology for a new range of watches which will include an “eye” which can track a person’s eyesight.

“The Eye is one of the sensors we have in there, but there are a couple of other sensors as well,” Mr daacon said of the Titan Watch’s sensors.

“Some sensors are used to measure your heart rate, others are used for other things.”

These include an electroencephalography (EEG) sensor, which can monitor the brainwaves of a person while the device is on, and a sensor for skin temperature, which measures the sweat that covers the face.

Mr daacons team have been working on the new technology for over a year, but Titan have yet to release any of the technology to the public.

Watch Face Titan is a social app, so it uses a variety of sensors to analyse people’s social media profiles.

These include the eye, which looks at your face, and the skin temperature sensor, used to check if the wearer is sweating.

“You’re not looking at the face of a human, but rather a digital face,” Mr Daacon said about the technology.

We have a couple years to develop this stuff and get it to people.” “

But that’s a bit early in the game.

We have a couple years to develop this stuff and get it to people.”

The watch is the first Titan watch to be designed to be worn in the real world.

Mr Deacons team are currently working on making the technology available to the general public.

Mr Daacons team hope to launch the Watch Face Watch next year.