WATCH BOX: What’s in store for Naruto shippuuden season?

The box: Watching Naruto shinden is like a dream.

This anime is like an old friend, a companion that you never know will still be there when you need it.

The box is made up of three pieces: the main box, a second box and the third box.

The main box is filled with a selection of Naruto Shippuden merchandise including posters, shirts, mugs, t-shirts and a Naruto Shinden poster.

There is also a Naruto themed sticker that is designed to resemble Naruto, but will be released separately.

I got a little more than I expected.

Inside the main Naruto box is a poster of Naruto, the first time I saw it.

I was blown away by the artwork and I was also a little surprised by the color.

I know, I know this is Naruto, Naruto Shinken but this is absolutely beautiful.

In the box there are three t-shirt designs.

The first one was the classic “Abe” shirt.

It has Naruto on the front and a cute little message: “I am a shinobi.

A boy with a dream.”

The second shirt has a cute picture of Naruto and the word “Hiroshi” written in red.

Lastly, the third shirt is called the “The Ultimate Ninja”.

It is Naruto’s Ultimate Ninja outfit, but with more eyes.

Naruto Shippen: Shippuudan: Ultimate Ninja: Naruto Shinchou: Naruto’s Last Mission: The main Naruto Shoppe has the following items: 1.

Naruto Shikamaru-chan T-shirt with a picture of Sakura-chan and the words: [Naruto] A shinobi who will defeat the greatest threat to the world.


Naruto Uzumaki-Sasuke T-Shirt with a cute Naruto silhouette and the name “Naruto” written across it, a picture from Naruto: Naruto no Jutsu, a quote from Naruto Shikkoku, and the title “Narutobi no Shippun”.


Naruto-Sakura T-T-Shirts with a Naruto silhouette, the phrase “Naru no Hoshi” written on them, and a Sakura silhouette.


Naruto Naruto-Poster.

The cover features Naruto standing in front of a fire with his hands on the fire.

He has a big grin on his face and his hair is dyed red.

It says “Narudashi.”


Naruto Sasuke T-shirts.

Sasuke is standing in the center of a giant picture of a tree with the words “Narute” written underneath it.

The picture reads:  “Narutane-kun, the Ultimate Ninja!”

The third shirt has the words ‘Narutano-san’ written on it, and it reads: [Naruto’s] name.


Naruto Sakura T-shirts.

Sakura is standing with a fire extinguisher in her hands and she is holding a red katana.

It is labeled “Naruhashi.”

She is standing next to a red banner with the phrase, “I will destroy the world!”

She says, “Let’s start now!”


Naruto Tsunade-Sama T- Shirt with a Sakura image on it.

She has a small smile on her face and a quote written on the bottom of the shirt: “[Naruto]” 8.

Naruto Kurenai-Sou T- Shirts with Sakura on the left and a picture with Naruto on top of the banner, saying, “Narukashi!”


Naruto Konoha-Sakuras T- shirt with Sakura written on top.


Naruto Chidori-Sekai-Shoulder T- shirts with Naruto in the middle and a slogan reading, “To be Naruto.”


Naruto Kakashi-Saku T- t-Shorts with Sakura writing on them.


Naruto Ibiki-Sake T- shorts with Sakura and the quote, “It’s me.”


Naruto Hayate-Sagara T- T-Hoodie with Sakura, the quote from “Nar-Sensei” written above her and the slogan, “Touka no Shirayuki”.


Naruto Naruhodo-Sai T-hat with the Naruto image on the back.

It also has a picture on the inside of Naruto with the quote written above his head.


Naruto Mitarashi-San T- hat with Sakura.


Naruto Minato-Sukage T-Hat with Sakura in the front.

It reads, “Hirai Naruto.” 

I have a question about Naruto Shisho-Shinken.

What is Naruto Shimoneta?

Narutōno: Narute