The longines watch

Longines watches have been a fixture of the Israeli market for a decade, but now they’re getting a makeover.

Longines is partnering with German brand, ApWatch, to bring back the longines.

The company will also bring the longine model of the ApWatch to the US, but will not release any other model until sometime in the future.

The ApWatch longines are a premium-quality watch with a premium look, and will be available for around $3,400.

The longine strap is leather, and features a black bezel, white dial, a red crown and a black trim band.

The Longines Longines is a premium watch with an elegant design, but the watch is a little bit different from other watches on the market.

This watch is designed to give a more streamlined look.

Its not as sleek as a full-size watch, but its a more refined look.

The new Longines will come in a black, grey, white or rose gold version.

This new ApWatch Longines watch is currently available in several colors.

It will be released in April at a price of around $1,800, which includes a leather strap, a white dial and a white crown.