‘Swiss Army’ watch set to hit stores in US in September

Swiss Army watches have been hitting shelves in the US in anticipation of the arrival of a new edition, the latest iteration of the company’s iconic iconic line of luxury wristwatches.

The brand, which has more than 5,000 stores in the country, said the new collection will be available on September 11 for US$2,399 (£2,200).

The first of the new watch sets will be unveiled on September 16 at the San Francisco International Robo-Show.

The company will unveil the watch on September 18.

Swiss army, the Swiss army brand, is best known for its iconic Swiss Army knife that became the most recognisable of the watch brands in the world.

It has also sold over 100 million watches worldwide.

Switzerland’s first army watch in 2018 was the Omega Sportmaster, which was also available in a limited edition of 10,000 watches.

Sweden’s first military watch in 2019 was the Swatch M1, the first time in its history that a watch had been created that was the official military watch of the country.