Man gets tattooed on his arm as a way of thanking his wife

WATCH: A man in a barbershop in Sydney’s north-east got a tattoo on his forearm in a bid to thank his wife.

A tattoo parlour in the suburb of Patek Phillipe Watch, near the Sydney Olympic Park, was set up to celebrate the life of its owner, Mark Pateks.

“This is just a way to thank the amazing wife and kids that love him,” the barber told local ABC news station ABC Sydney.

“I’m just getting the last bit of joy out of the way of her life, it’s really bittersweet but it’s just a beautiful way to do it.”

Mr Patekowski said the tattoo had been done to mark the anniversary of his marriage, which he says is the longest he has had.

“We are getting married in a couple of weeks,” he said.

“It’s a bit of a reminder of what we’ve achieved together and it’s a reminder that we’re going to get through it together.”

The barber, who has worked for Pateker since 2007, said he wanted to share the tattoo with the wider community.

“The idea of doing it to mark a milestone in our lives, that’s the main message behind it,” he told ABC Sydney news.

“You want to share your life, but you don’t want to ruin it for the people who have been waiting for you.”

Patek, who was also the manager of Pareker’s Barbershop, said it was “pretty sad” to see the tattoo in public.

“But it was done as a gesture of love,” he added.

“People get tattooed all the time but this is the first time that I’ve seen one of them.”

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