Longines watches women’s collection

Apple Watch and Gucci watches will be the best sellers on Gucci’s website after it launched a “women’s collection” on Thursday.

The Gucci Women’s collection is a limited edition of 10 watches, each with a different color and a different design.

There are three styles: the black watch, the white watch and the orange watch.

It will be available in five different colours, and each will be $1,500 or less.

Gucci also unveiled a range of accessories that will be sold alongside the watches, including leather belts, leather shoes and leather handbags.

The collection includes the Apple Watch, the Apple Watches Classic, the Gucci Classic and the Guccis Classic.

The new collection includes Gucci Watch, Gucci Men’s Watch, and Gucci Women’s Watch.

It’s available starting May 23 for $1.2 million (RM1.6 million).

“Gucci has created a unique line of women’s watches,” Gucci Watches spokesperson David Klimas said in a statement.

“The Women’s Collection is an extension of our commitment to creating the finest watches available for women.

With its bold new design, bold styling and sophisticated materials, the Women’s Series represents the pinnacle of our range.”

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