How to watch the Milan-Milan match in Italy

A lot of the Milan match in Turin has been captured by cameras, but how to watch it?

A little bit of luck is involved, according to the head of the Italian Football League. 

A little bit, it seems, is all that’s required. 

The Serie A side face off against Sassuolo in the first leg of their final round of the Champions League on Sunday, and the cameras are not going to be in the right place. 

With Milan needing to beat Sassuoli 2-1 for a place in the final, Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti opted to have the cameras aimed at the players instead of at the sidelines, rather than at the fans.

The cameras are designed to be mounted on the pitch for a better view, but Anceloni decided to leave them at the back. 

“I don’t think that it is the right thing,” he said.

“The players should have to stand with their legs straight and their hands on their hips, but the fans must follow the players. 

It’s impossible to give them the right of free movement. 

I have no doubts that the cameras will not do any good. 

They are useless.

They are just the height of a rock. 

When you put them there, you create a little danger. 

We are not a country where you can simply take away the cameras.”