How to watch the marathon: Watch the marathon with Garmin Watch app

Watch the Marathon in the USA!

The marathon is a very tough, strenuous race that requires a lot of coordination and endurance.

If you can watch the race with Garmin watch, it will allow you to follow along and see the race live on the watch.

Here are the steps to watch with Garmin.

Follow the instructions below for how to watch in the Garmin Watch Watch app.1.

Connect your Garmin watch to your phone or tablet.2.

Install Garmin watch and get your smartphone to track your steps and calories.3.

If your phone’s GPS is accurate, you can see how many steps you took in the race.4.

Download Garmin watch’s Run/Walk app and go to the Start and Finish screen.5.

Select the race you want to watch and then click “Start” or “Finish”.6.

Click “Go” and you’re ready to go.