How to spot the new watch, diamond, watch on Cbs

The new smartwatch from LG is on sale in a few UK stores on Tuesday. 

It has been the subject of many reviews and rumours, including one that claims it will be a gold version of its regular watch. 

The watch is also being promoted as a new generation smartwatch that can track the location of people with GPS enabled, providing better night-time safety.

But it seems LG is actually launching the LG Watch R in a different colour, as it is only in stores in the UK.

It’s a different model to the LG G Watch R, and unlike the watch in question, the LG watch doesn’t feature a heart-rate sensor or a proximity sensor. 

Instead, it is based on the LG G Watch 3 and the LG Watch 2. 

According to Cbs, the watch is designed to meet the needs of users with more than one phone at a time, and it is expected to cost £349.

The LG Watch Series 3 is expected by some to be the successor to the LG Watch R that was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year. 

However, we’re still waiting on official details on the watch.