How to set your Apple Watch up to sync with iPhone via iCloud

This article first appeared in The Washington Post.

Apple Watch Series 44, Apple Watch Series 45 and Apple Watch series 46 will all be available on June 22, according to the Apple Watch App Store.

The Watch Series Series 44 will come with an 8.3mm case, a 1.2mm case and a 0.8mm case.

The Series 45 will come in a 7.1mm case as well.

The Series 46 will come on June 29.

The watchOS 4.3 update to Apple Watch also comes with a new option for sync to iCloud, the company said.

“With iCloud Sync, you can now sync your Apple watch with iPhone in the cloud to make it easy to keep your favorite apps and contacts in sync with your home screen,” it said in a blog post.

Apple Watch users can sync up to eight different Apple Watch apps at once and up to two Apple Watch accessories.