How to pee on the floor in public

A little more than half of US households have one or more public toilets at home, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center, and there are a lot of them.

That’s partly because people are often embarrassed by them, and partly because they’re more common than people realize.

There are around 2.3 billion people in the US, according the census.

That means there are 2.4 billion people who could use some privacy.

Here are the five most common ways people pee:1.

You have to pee in a bowl.

This is common because people don’t always flush, and because they tend to get the most poop.


They can pee in the bathtub or in a sink, but it’s usually not as clean.3.

They have to stand and stand to pee.

The best way to do this is to stand up straight, but if you’re sitting, use a stool.

If you’re standing, stand on one knee and urinate while leaning forward and pushing the urinal out into the tub.4.

You can pee on an outdoor toilet seat, but this is the most common.

If there’s a sink or toilet seat in the house, you have to squat over it and stand on it.

If your toilet seat isn’t made of plastic, you can still pee on it if it’s not a common location.5.

You could use a plastic bag to pee but you probably don’t want to, because it might cause poop to get stuck in the toilet.

If it’s a public toilet, you could try placing a piece of paper or tissue next to the toilet bowl to seal the poo away.