How to get the latest podcasts and videos from Apple Watch app

A new Apple Watch podcast app has been released, bringing in a whole host of Apple Watch podcasts, videos, and more to Apple Watch.

The app has some nice improvements to the Apple Watch App itself, including adding the ability to download podcasts from other sources (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and so on), as well as adding an RSS feed and a podcast preview.

Apple Watch is also getting a new Watch Face, as well.

Watch Face is a new complication that lets you adjust the appearance of the Apple Watches face.

In addition, the app is getting the Apple Podcasts app, which brings together all the Apple podcast apps and shows, and even lets you subscribe to podcasts from a variety of apps.

In fact, you can also watch all the podcasts and shows on the watch, or all the podcast apps in one place.

The new Watch Faces will be available in the next few weeks, and they look pretty slick.

In the meantime, the Watch Face preview in the App Store should be a good starting point.