Bob’s Watch is selling at a premium, but Roger Federer is still worth the money

Bob’s watches are becoming more and more expensive, but some of them are still worth it.

The $2,500 Bob’s wristband that came with the Roger Federers retirement was a nice investment, and a great way to celebrate the occasion.

But it has become a bit pricey, as the company announced on Wednesday that it will now offer the wristband at a higher price point, but that the price is still “well below” the $1,800 mark.

It’s still a great watch, but if you have the money, it might be worth the extra expense to buy a new one.

“Bob’s Watch was a great investment and is still a good value today, but our focus has shifted to making Bob’s watch more affordable for people of all budgets,” a company spokesperson told Sports Illustrated.

The company also said that it has plans to release a new version of the Bob’sWatch, which will offer the same functionality as the original, but will come in at a lower price point.

While you can still get the old model, you’ll likely want to buy one of these now to be able to save the extra cash for a new watch.

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