Apple Watch Series 3: What you need to know

The Watch Series 1, the original watch from 2015, was a smartwatch with a simple aesthetic and a good battery life, but Apple made a mistake by not giving it the same sort of high-end features as the more expensive Apple Watch series 2.

The Series 2 was meant to compete with the Samsung Gear S2 and Apple Watch Sport and it didn’t quite live up to that billing, but it was still a smart watch, albeit a very different one.

It was also one of the first watches with a touchscreen display, something that Apple has done away with in favor of using OLED screens in its watches, and it had a very good display.

It also had a touchscreen, making it easy to use and use quickly, which is a big plus for someone who’s always wanted a touchscreen.

The watch had a fairly big battery and a really large screen, which meant it needed to be connected to a charger to keep going, which means it had to be plugged in at all times.

That made it easy for thieves to take it apart and reassemble it to steal a few extra features.

With Series 3, Apple has taken those same steps, giving you a more refined design, a bigger screen, and a slightly better battery life.

It’s not perfect, but its a step in the right direction.

In addition to the touchscreen, Series 3 includes a new face, a new circular bezel, and new colors for the dial.

It does have a circular bezels, but the Series 3 Series 2 had a flat design.

And the Series 1’s bezel is a bit smaller than the Series 2’s, which makes the Series 4 feel more solid.

The only thing missing from Series 3 is a slightly smaller display.

This is a minor gripe, but Series 3 does have more screen real estate than Series 2.

It has an OLED screen, but with a slightly less saturated color palette and a larger pixel count.

The OLED screen is the same resolution as the Series 7, which isn’t that much different than the previous Series 3 series, but that resolution is a little lower resolution, which results in colors appearing darker on the watch.

This isn’t the case with Series 4, though.

The screen has a more saturated color palate and the pixel count is slightly higher.

It still feels like the Series 6 is getting a bit brighter, and Series 3 still looks like a solid watch overall.

The design of the Series 5, however, is different.

Series 5 comes in four colors and has a slightly different bezel design.

The first three colors are black, grey, and white, with the last color being a red.

There’s also a smaller bezel on the side of the watch that makes it easier to find when you’re looking at the watch from behind, which works better than the larger bezel that’s on the Series 9.

Series 4 has a black and white bezel with the Series 8 logo on the bottom.

Series 7 has a grey bezel and Series 10 has a red bezel.

The white bezles are more like the bezls on the Apple Watch bands, which are a bit less visible, but they also feel more natural when you wear them.

Series 9 has a dark gray bezel (just like the white Series 4 bezlas), Series 10 a dark grey bezle with the Apple logo on top, and the Series 11 with the white Apple logo in the center.

Series 3 comes in three colors, black, red, and blue, with a red and blue bezel pattern on the top.

Series 6 comes in two colors, white, and black, with white on the outside of the bezel at the top and a red logo at the bottom, which gives the watch a more subtle design.

Series 2 comes in red, white and black.

The blue bezules on the sides are much more obvious than the black bezues, and that design is a welcome change.

The new Series 5 features the same curved bezel as Series 3.

The curved bezes are thinner, which helps with their fit, but also makes them easier to take apart and rebuild.

Series 8 has a matte black bezel along with a white and blue logo on either side.

Series 10 comes in black, white (black), and red, with all three being matte black.

Series 11 has a glossy black beveled at the sides, and then a matte white and a matte red bevel.

Series 12 has a polished black bevelled at the middle, and finally a matte blue bevel and matte red.

Series 13 has a silver, gold, and beige bezel in a black beige color scheme, along with the same bezel shape as Series 8.

Series 15 has a metallic black beVEL, which looks more like a regular bezel than the matte black of Series 9 and Series 9’s bevel is