Apple Watch Deals: Watch Deals 2018

Posted by Fortune on October 28, 2018 09:59:38 Apple Watch deals are upon us and with the Apple Watch Sport coming out in September, we can now look forward to a number of exciting Apple Watch and Apple Watch accessories coming soon.

We have a number to watch out for, as some are already in the works and others are on the horizon.

Apple Watch Sport:The Apple Watch is one of the most hotly anticipated products for the year, as Apple is preparing to unveil its next generation of the Apple watch, codenamed Watch Sport.

The Sport will debut in the U.S. in September and is expected to launch in other countries in October.

Apple has also confirmed that the Apple Watches latest model will be available in both black and gold.

The Apple Watch sport will have a circular bezel and will be slightly thicker than the current model.

The watch will also feature a stainless steel strap and leather band.

The Watch Sport will also be slightly larger than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, with a 7.9-millimeter thickness.

It’s been revealed that the new Apple Watch will feature an integrated battery.

Apple will also introduce a second-generation, wireless charging option that will let users charge their watch using a power bank or a USB-C cable.

The Apple Watcher app is one to watch, as it is expected that users will be able to connect their Apple Watch to the Internet and use their connected devices to perform tasks like accessing social media, watching movies, or navigating the web.

The app also supports multiple color modes, and can also show users their current fitness tracking data.

The apps also supports notifications, which will allow users to be notified when the latest weather data is available.

Apple Watches battery will reportedly be able support up to 30 days of use and will offer up to 1.4 hours of continuous battery life.

Apple is also rumored to be working on a watch band that will help protect the watch.

It’s also likely that the company will be making new smartwatch bands with Bluetooth Smart capabilities that are able to monitor and track the user’s health and performance.

A new watch band is expected for 2018.

Apple Watch, Apple Watch Tour, Apple Pay, and Apple Music apps are rumored to launch later in the year.