Apple Watch cost $1,000 but the watch is just as great as its pricier sibling

Apple Watch costs $1.29 for a model that features a band with a stainless steel finish, an hourglass display and a gold-colored case.

The watch is available for $1 from Apple and $1 off from retailers such as

The Apple Watch will be available to purchase in the United States from Sept. 17.

The $1 price point also means that Apple Watch owners will have to pay $100 for the watch if they want to upgrade to the $1 model, a fee that can be waived.

The $2 Apple Watch Series 2 is the first watch that Apple has announced that will have a gold band.

The new model includes a stainless metal case and a new, brushed stainless steel case.

It’s priced at $249, a discount of $100 from the original price of $299.

The price of the Apple Watch is the same as the $349 Apple Watch Edition.

The $1 watch will include a stainless-steel case and is priced at the same price as the original model, which includes a gold bracelet.

The Apple Watch can be purchased at Apple retail stores, Amazon and online at and, or from the Apple Online Store.

Apple Watch Series 1 has a stainless aluminum case, a new brushed stainless Steel band, a stainless Steel strap, a gold plated display and an hour glass display.

Both the Apple and Apple Watch models include a black case.