Apple Watch Cellular and Apple Watch 6 will come with cellular capabilities

By Nick BiltonApple Watch Cellular will include the Apple Watch’s cellular capabilities in addition to the standard Bluetooth connectivity, according to Apple Watch Chief Marketing Officer John Smedley.

The cellular functionality will come as an option on the Apple watch 6, which is currently priced at $349.

The Cellular option comes as part of the Apple Pay service that will allow customers to pay for their purchases with their Apple Watch, but it will be an option for Apple Watch subscribers that are on Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is available for all Apple Watch users, including Apple Watch 2 and Apple Pay users with a 2GB or larger iPhone 5S, Apple Watch 4 and Apple Pro model, as well as Apple Watch Sport, Apple Pro, Apple Flex and the Apple TV 4K.

Apple Watch customers who already have cellular devices, such as Apple Pay, will be able to upgrade to Cellular for the price of a regular Apple Watch.

Smedley said that Cellular customers will have the option of getting a new cellular connection for free when the watch 6 is released in early 2018.

Apple plans to release more details about the cellular capabilities of the new Apple Watch in the coming months, and the Cellular option will be available to customers who purchase Apple Pay or buy Apple Watch subscriptions on an iPhone.