Apple Watch 2: First look at Apple Watch, new watch faces, and other features

A new version of the Apple Watch has been leaked online, giving us a first look at the latest Apple Watch models and accessories, including a new face, a new watch face, and a new strap.

The leaked version is available for download on the official Apple website, but it’s not exactly what you would expect.

The image above shows what the new Apple Watch model looks like.

The image below shows what new Apple watch faces look like.

This is the new face.

The next image below is a photo of the new watch band.

The last image below was a photo showing the new display.

The new Apple Watches are all identical, except for the strap.

Apple’s new watch straps are much thinner than the straps on the Apple Original and Apple Watch Series 2.

The new straps are also slightly thinner, and it appears they’re much less comfortable than the Apple Watched leather strap on the original Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is now available for pre-order starting today, with the first Apple Watch set to go on sale on March 11th.

You can read all the specs and specs on Apple’s website.